Share-A-Meal Program

Our Ronald McDonald House and each of our Ronald McDonald Family Rooms offer dinner every evening to visiting families.

Community members and groups have certain nights each week and month to bring dinner. At times this is not always available, so our staff and volunteers help provide these meals. You can help relieve some of those costs for signing up to participate in our Share-A-Meal program!

Dinners should feed approximately 15 people and may be purchased pre-made from a restaurant or store, homemade (for the Family Rooms), or made on-site (for the House).

Contact the program you are interested in serving or check our Facebook for available dates.

Ronald McDonald House at Washington Regional
Call 479.463.6760 or Email

Ronald McDonald Family Room at Mercy NWA
Call 479.338.4911 or Email

Ronald McDonald Family Room at Mercy Fort Smith
Call 479.314.8030 or Email