Pop Tab Pandemonium!

Since the 1980’s when the “Pull for RMHC” program started, millions of dollars have been raised to support our mission. Recycling is a wonderful way to educate children on reducing their carbon footprint and it also gets them involved in supporting their community by donating to RMHC.

We’ve started the Pop Tab Pandemonium program in local school districts as a way to get children involved with “Pull for RMHC.” It is a competition between schools (district wide), or classes segmented by grade (within the schools)- however the school should choose. Whichever school or class within the school, collects the most pop tabs at the end of the contest will win a Ronald McDonald Party. Ronald McDonald will come to the school and have a party to celebrate the students’ hard work and dedication!

YOU can participate in our Pop-tab Pandemonium, a year round fundraiser!  Contact Jennifer Myer jennifer@rmhcofarkoma for more information.